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Conversocial Introduces PLAY: Smart Workflows for Social Customer Service

Joshua March
By Joshua March on Aug 12, 2014, 12:13:00 PM

Since Conversocial launched four years ago, we’ve seen a fundamental shift in how customers communicate with brands, and in response, a change in how companies need to be delivering customer service. Today, our biggest clients have dozens - sometimes hundreds - of social agents, with even the smallest teams having multiple people working around the clock to deliver faster and better customer service over social media.

With this increase in support volume and team sizes, the complexity of running an efficient social customer service operation at scale also magnifies. Operational workflows are now more complex, internal collaboration is harder, and managing and measuring the performance of large groups of agents also present new challenges for companies.

To help enterprise teams resolve these challenges and continue to grow, we are proud to announce the launch of Conversocial PLAY, which automatically routes the right content to the right agent at the right time. PLAY automates agent workflows, while also providing practical tools to improve agent collaboration.


Conversocial PLAY is comprised of three new features:  

Play Mode

Managing large teams on social can result in agent collision, unfair distribution of work and a decrease in agent productivity through manual workflow management processes.

Play Mode automates the distribution of incoming content to available agents fairly and evenly with the press of a button. Think of it like a dealer in a card game who impartially deals a set of cards to all the players in the game. Play Mode removes the need for agents to manually assign content to themselves, and helps managers fairly apportion workload for improved handling times and SLAs.


Separating general chatter from real customer service issues can be very time consuming, even for the most experienced of agents. Prioritization capabilities are able to identify actionable content, but inboxes are still filled with volumes of messages that can significantly affect handling times.

The introduction of Rules allows managers and team leaders to develop customized matching criteria that will enable the automation of actions such as assigning, tagging, prioritization, archiving or deleting content based on specific needs. This process allows agents more time to focus on delivering better customer service rather than manually filtering.


Traditional customer service teams are often made up of numerous specialist departments - experts who are responsible for a given business area. Social customer service can be handled the same way. Agents often need to assign content to people in specialist departments or to external teams in order to ensure the customer receives an accurate and considered response. For example, an agent might need to escalate a conversation to Legal quickly if there are sensitive legal implications in a customer issue. Agents need to have full visibility of their colleagues, some who may not even be based in the same office.

Creating Teams removes this barrier, allowing managers and team leaders to group agents for more extensive audit trails, efficient escalations when necessary, and accurate routing to the appropriate expert. Creating Teams also make it easy to measure and manage groups of agents in real-time.

Play Mode, Teams, and Rules make up a new automated distribution capability, and sees huge development in how Conversocial is able to support large-scale social customer service teams within the contact center. This added pathway will help deliver a better customer service, increase operational efficiency, decrease brand risk and increase agent satisfaction with a seamless and smart automated workflow that’s built for scale.                 

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