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Conversocial hosts Codecademy London meetup

By Dan Wong on Feb 7, 2012 7:04:00 PM

Last night we hosted a meetup for people in London learning to code on Codecademy - an online platform that teaches you how to code. It was pretty awesome.

About 20 keen coders-to-be turned up, brandishing laptops and snacks from Tesco. We herded them into our jazz cafe (our little eating/meeting area), where there were two or three "quiet" tables for people getting with collaboratively working on Codecademy exercises. A bunch of other people were then by the sofa standing/sitting and generally chilling out, getting their geek on with some awesome banter on JavaScript, computers, startups and more! A big shout out to Gareth, one of our developers, who helped people out with their code, and generally making people feel welcome! Here's a picture of him listening to what one of the chaps had to say.


The range of people was pretty wide - we had all sorts turning up to learn how to code. Not only was the age variety colourful, but the professions they had was very flavourful too- ranging from banking and lawyering to being students! And of course, there was a Customer Happiness Manager in the mix :)

We're very proud to be supporting people learning how to code in London, it's such a valuable skill to have, and definitely the way of the future!


Follow Dan here, and Gareth, here.

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