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Conversocial CEO Joshua March talks Social Customer Service on CNBC

Marie Rose
By Marie Rose on Jun 27, 2012 12:46:00 PM

Yesterday our CEO, Joshua March, spoke on CNBC about the importance of social customer service.

You can watch his interview in full, below.


Josh speaks with CNBC about how consumers are turning to the Internet for their customer service answers. The number of people using Facebook and Twitter to communicate with brands has grown drastically in the last year. Customers expect a response to their social media messages, and public complaints can be seen by anyone that has access to the Internet. Josh warns that in the next twelve months, any company that fails to maintain a social customer service team will fall behind.

Conversocial has seen a 100% growth in the last six months, with a forecast for this to double by the end of the year. Our customers receive thousands of comments every week. In order to respond to all of the questions and complaints, many of these businesses have set up customer service teams of 30 agents or more. The size of these teams is expected to keep growing as the demand for social customer service increases.

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