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Client Insight: Laura Smith, Senior Director of Customer Service at Hertz, on their social media customer service journey

By Rachel Tran on Nov 18, 2013 8:49:00 AM

Last month Conversocial was headline sponsor at The Social Media for Customer Service Summit - New York. The summit attracts 150+ attendees who gather each year to discuss the latest best practice for the social media customer service community. 

At the event we were lucky enough to be joined by one of our clients, Laura Smith, Senior Director of Customer Service at The Hertz Corporation. Laura presented with representatives from T-Mobile and Walgreens, where they addressed how to break through social noise to identify and prioritize mass communication, ensuring an efficient real time response.

After the summit we asked Laura about her journey and experiences using social media as a customer service tool. This is what she had to say.

Hertz customers like to tweet!  Starting out with Conversocial, Hertz’s mission was to enable customers to communicate directly with Customer Service via social media, and to develop social media as an official customer service communication channel for Hertz.

Our primary aim was to quickly and efficiently provide in-channel resolution to each actionable
complaint, issue, or questions directed at Hertz via social media – and not act as post box to pass the complaint off to another customer service channel. We believe our customers deserve authentic and not robotic service – so in channel resolution on first contact is essential. ‘Resolve, not re-direct’ has governed Hertz’s decision making and set up from the outset. By doing so, we hope to convert dissatisfaction into brand advocacy.

So far, this year, Hertz has received in excess of 50,000 Tweets & Facebook posts and we’ve learned many lessons on our journey thus far and, like many others, we’re still learning!

Choosing the right people & selecting the right software is critical for success. Hertz uses Conversocial due to its ability to enable us to organize data so that we can respond real time, 24:7, globally in 6 languages!

Training the team is essential, and so often overlooked. Hertz put together a Social media boot camp to educate our Conversocial users on Hertz policies and guidelines, and to provide software training and brand tonality exercises.  This includes live engagement simulation workshops and over-the-shoulder agent shadowing.  In addition, we continually conduct performance monitoring, spot-checking, and  peer-reviews to maintain the highest level of quality and consistency.

One of the most exciting aspects for Hertz, is the opportunity to carve out new points in our Customer’s experience, where we can engage and have dialogue in a pro-active way – remedy anything that may need attention, or add a wow factor to the experience!”

Stay tuned for more stories on our clients social customer service journeys - and how Conversocial has helped them along the way.  

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