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Case Study: Top moderation agency Tempero uses Conversocial to manage over 15 million fans

By Anna Drennan on Jan 18, 2011 3:12:00 PM

Leading Social Media Management Company Tempero pioneered the adoption of Social Media Management System (SMMS) Conversocial, as one of the first agencies to use the tool to moderate its clients’ Facebook pages. Tempero manages over 30 pages through Conversocial, for big brands such as Sainsbury’s, the BBC, Activision and Manchester United.

Case Study: Top moderation agency Tempero uses Conversocial to manage over 15 million fans

Conversocial gives Tempero a centralised hub through which to deal with their diverse clients. Each Facebook page has different potential threats as each brand has its own requirements, so moderation must be tailored accordingly. Tempero has set bespoke keyword lists for auto-flagging and auto-deletion for its different client pages, to ensure relevant reputation risks are avoided.

Following general wisdom against the application of censorship in social media, Tempero only auto-delete the most damaging content. The rest is flagged, for moderators to take the most appropriate action. When comments must be deleted, moderators attach internal notes to explain why; for example if they class as offensive content, or were posted by a repeat offending spammer.

Conversocial allows Tempero to bring their moderation efforts into one place, despite the differences between their clients. As subscribers to the Enterprise package, the agency can restrict page views to different moderators, giving them access to only their assigned tasks and reserving settings for managers.

Dom Sparkes, CEO and Co-Founder of Tempero, describes the value the tool has added for his business. “Using Conversocial has had a dramatic effect on the Facebook services we offer our clients both in terms on efficiency and risk reduction. Previously, large scale pages were unwieldy and time consuming to manage whereas with Conversocial, Facebook has become a more robust and scalable marketing platform.

The benefits of a centralised moderation queue, additional insight and enhanced engagement features mixed with a genuinely responsive development team mean I’m more than happy to recommend Conversocial.”

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Conversocial is a Social Media Management System that helps businesses manage the increasing volume of two-way communication going through social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Through in-depth engagement analytics and comprehensive comment management tools, Conversocial enables effective marketing distribution, moderation and customer support.

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