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Case Study: How Haven Holidays Took Customers from Like, to Love, to Lifetime Value

By Anna Drennan on Jun 26, 2013 12:13:00 PM

Haven Holidays is the biggest holidays operator in the UK, providing holidays for over 2 million customers every year. 

In 2012, Haven set about a mission to join the conversation with those customers, become more human as a brand and take Haven customers from like to love again. Today, Haven’s dedicated social customer service team engages with regular customers daily, and has created real loyalty and advocacy that boosts the top line.

Since implementing Conversocial, the Haven team has been able to recover from the ‘social amnesia’ that comes with dealing with customer queries at scale. These social media agents have developed personal relationships with the social community through quality customer care and engagement.

Some Haven customers have racked up 200 to 300 interactions in just 6 months, and using the Conversocial platform the team can keep up with the conversation without neglecting a single customer.

You can read the Haven Holidays case study on Social Customer Service in full, to find out how this popular brand:

  • Built a brand new team and seamless processes for handling conversations
  • Scaled up social customer service interactions without sacrificing quality of care
  • Reduced average response times to under 30 minutes
  • Developed a system for performance-based management in the social space
  • Converted customer service engagement into real sales. 

Download the full Haven Holidays story here 

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