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Building A Social Customer Service Dream Team

Marie Rose
By Marie Rose on Jul 27, 2012 2:13:00 PM

Bitesize - The Definitive Guide to Social Customer Service: Part 5/10

Here's part five from the series of bitesize posts from our 'Definitive Guide to Social Customer Service', a practical handbook for executing a Social Customer Service program from the ground up. You can download the guide in full 

After a social media team has mastered the basics of delivering social customer service, this program needs to be extended throughout the whole of the company. There is no fixed model for a social customer service team, as the needs of the customers – and the companies – will vary from business to business. In fact, there’s potential for several different areas of a company to want access to social media for different reasons. In order to build a solid team, a company needs to balance out job responsibilities so each member will know who’s involved, what they do and how they all work together. 

Marketing and customer service usually have the most access to their company’s social media pages, and it’s generally important for each of them to be able to connect directly to the customers through these platforms. The marketing department will be able to put out the company message and update customers on new offers and events going on with the brand, while customer service is in charge of listening to customer feedback and creating a positive customer experience. Moreover, this feedback can then be collected and given to the product team.

There are several departments that will be involved with the brand’s social networks, whether it is directly posting through social media or analyzing the data collected through these platforms. In order to create structured customer service team, it is important identify early on everyone who should be a part of it, their role and their responsibilities.

Who Should I consider for my Social Dream Team?

Marketing creates engagement and releases brand campaigns. They also must be informed of any major customer service issues so that they don’t mistakenly increase negative sentiment by seemingly ignoring important problems.

Customer service needs to provide fast, direct information to customers and resolve any issues that arise.

Public relations handle crises. They need to be contactable in the case of a social media disaster, so that they can coordinate the right reaction. 

Customer insight must collect and interpret the customer data that comes through on social media. They will then formulate strategies to maintain their customers, possibly turning some into brand advocates.

Product management are in charge of the planning of products at all stages. It is important for the customer insight team to deliver their information to product management, so that they can increase customer satisfaction.

The Customer Comes First

Everything should revolve around the customers, as they are the center of the engagement strategy. Every department within the company should be working together to meet customer needs. When a customer turns to social media to contact a business, they need to receive a response that satisfies them, no matter who it comes from. As long as everyone on a social media team is working together and fulfilling their responsibilities, customers can be kept happy.

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How is your social media team structured, and how do you organise the involvement of different areas of your company? We’re interested to hear your opinions in the comments below.

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