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Customer Service Training: Recruiting a Social Customer Service Team

By David Barber on Feb 11, 2014, 8:59:00 AM

genericteamThere is one thing that all successful social customer service teams have in common: a strong foundation.

Building these foundations are easier said than done though. You have to find the right people. But what key skills should you look for?  How do you go about recruiting ? How do you educate employees to become social ‘savvy’? All these questions must be answered if you are to lay foundations for future customer service success on social channels. And with customers increasingly reaching out to brands over social media to resolve service inquiries, it is something that you have to get right the first time.

Building a successful socially savvy call center team presents a number of unique challenges, while the public nature of social leaves little room for error. Forming a specialized team within your call center will maximize the impact of your customer service offering across social channels. Leveraging our market experience Conversocial presents this bite-sized 20-minute webinar that will provide everything you need to know to lay the foundation of a successful social customer service strategy.

Join on Wednesday, February 19th, at 2pm GMT/9am EST to learn:
  •       The key skills to look for when recruiting social customer service agents
  •       A training plan to quickly upskill your team
  •       Tips and tricks for how to empower your team for maximum impact
  •       How to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls

If you are unable to attend, but still interested in hearing the discussion, register your details and a recording will be sent out following the webinar, along with a copy of the slides.

There will be plenty of time for discussion, too – share your thoughts, questions and views about our webinar with #socialcsagents.

Click Here to Register for the Webinar

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