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Avoid Facebook Dark Posts Becoming A Customer Service Nightmare

Anthony Thomas
By Anthony Thomas on Oct 9, 2013 12:20:00 PM
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Facebook's unpublished page posts (aka “dark posts”) have been available since July 2012, but have grown in use significantly since March this year when Facebook allowed brands to promote posts directly in a user’s highly engaging news feed. They are a powerful way of targeting content to particular audiences, resulting in higher levels of engagement without spamming all of your fans. 

David Tull (Customer Engagement Manager at JackThreads)

"We frequently feature products in our promoted posts, which naturally leads to a high volume of questions. We need a tool like Conversocial to manage and answer those questions quickly enough to help drive conversion." 

A powerful tool for retailers to drive conversion

One of the main advantages of unpublished page posts is the ability to promote products to those who would find them most relevant, without alienating current fans who may become irritated at irrelevant posts. 

But this also means that the comments that "dark posts" receive are more likely than normal updates to have product specific questions that require real customer service attention – and answering the questions promptly is more likely to drive direct sales opportunities. Ignoring them will make you look bad – publicly.  Studies have shown that 83% of social media users have abandoned a purchase after poor customer service, with 33% switching to a competitor when brands appear unresponsive.

Intruding into newsfeeds can cause upset

Some people find the intrusion of a promoted post into their newsfeed annoying, and can react angrily in the comments. Having a raft of upset comments on your post will create a negative perception, and reduce the effectiveness of the promotion – but our customers have found that engaging openly with these commenters can turn them around and create a positive outcome. 

Keeping on top of the conversation

It can be hard to stay on top of the comments on unpublished page posts natively – especially if you have a large number running at any one time – and most social media management systems don’t give you the tools to manage them alongside your normal page comments.

Conversocial allows you to manage the comments on your "dark posts" just like your normal page updates, with prioritization to identify customer service issues, and workflow to allow teams of agents to handle large volumes of comments efficiently.

Request a personalized demo to find out more

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