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Are Theme Parks Making the Most of Social Customer Service?

By Alex Harvey on Oct 28, 2014 10:08:00 AM

When it comes to driving higher levels of engagement over social media, some industries have it easier than others in terms of a place to start from. Companies whose mission it is to thrill and delight customers on a daily basis should have no qualms about doing the same on social media. Theme parks fall into that category.


Theme parks set out to be world leaders in branded, location-based, entertainment that is capable of delivering memorable experiences for families and groups of friends. They are blessed with a wealth of content to bolster their marketing campaigns - including situations and images that highlight genuine extremes of emotion - but have they taken that content, that emotion, and used it to deliver a superior customer experience?

Social media allows brands to provide an experience based on customer context. For UK theme parks like Legoland Windsor and Thorpe Park, this should include a social customer service strategy that reaches out and engages with not just potential or previous visitors, but also people who are in the park at that moment.

Done correctly, proactive engagement will improve the quality of customer experience leading to higher satisfaction, loyalty and, hopefully, brand advocacy. However, before starting proactive customer service, it is important to have a strong foundation in the basics: speed and responsiveness.

There is little sense in reaching out for engagement and then either responding slowly or not responding at all. Taking a sample of popular theme parks within the UK, we used Conversocial’s Twitter Performance Tracker to give an indication of each brand’s current social customer service performance on that platform - a list of the Twitter accounts included in the analysis is provided at the end of the report. Read the full report to discover:

  • How well UK Theme Parks are delivering social customer service
  • What opportunities they are missing by not being proactive

  • Tips on how to be successfully proactive in social customer service

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