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Amy's Baking Company: Prevent Overcooking Your Social Media Engagement

By Rachel Tran on May 22, 2013 11:42:00 AM

Last week, Amy’s Baking Company Baking Boutique and Bistro faced one of the biggest social media meltdowns of the year – showcasing exactly what not to do on Social Media.

After years of negative online reviews, and being dropped by Gordan Ramsay’s TV show Kitchen Nightmares, Samy and Amy, owners of the Arizona Restaurant, decided to take over their Facebook page to defend themselves. Their attempts to repair their reputation on social media quickly fell flat, only to invite more users to ridicule them. Instead of just taking a calm approach when responding to their customers, they retaliated by broadcasting fiery, angry insults publicly on their page.

A couple of days later, and with a new public relations firm behind them, the long series of anger-fuelled Facebook posts were deleted and replaced with a post claiming they were hacked. But it was already too late. As with everything publicly displayed on social networks, news quickly broke out, screen grabs were taken and the Amy’s Baking Company social inferno became viral.

A social media crisis could have been avoided by following a few simple steps and the correct training. Here we list some tips to evade a social media storm of your own, and what to do after finding your brand in a sticky social situation.

Prioritising System – It is vital for you to have a system in place to prioritise content effectively, highlighting the most important messages based on necessity of response. Having a system that uses keywords to filter through all of your social data will ensure the messages which need your attention first are picked up on as quickly as possible. Not only will you save time working through all the social noise to find these messages, you will also potentially prevent a social media crisis breaking out.

Escalation Process – Have an escalation process in place for any bubbling social media issues to ensure your social media team know exactly what to do in situations like this – before it gets out of hand. With the right escalation processes in place, your team will know exactly how to respond, and if a delicate response is needed, who to take it to.

Be Honest – If you made a mistake, apologise publicly, genuinely, and tell your customers what you will do to improve your service so this never happens again. A great example of a public apology was made by Kitchen Aid’s CEO who took full responsibility for a rouge tweet made by an employee on their page. You can find the example in our How to Respond Before The Crisis guide. After a social media meltdown, especially at the level of Amy’s Baking Company, your brand is no longer trusted by your customers and you gain a bad reputation. By being honest, transparent and taking responsibility for your mistakes, you will have the opportunity to regain the trust of your customers from scratch.

What are your thoughts on Amy’s Baking Company’s approach to handling their social media channels, could they have redeemed themselves in a better way? How would you have done things differently? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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