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All The Small Things: Why First Great Western Turned to Twitter for Customer Feedback

By Anna Drennan on May 8, 2013 12:18:00 PM

Joanna Coverley, Digital Community Manager at First Great Western, one of the UK's leading train providers, talks to us about why Twitter conversations are so important to her business.

Our followers may not always be our biggest fans, but we have what may seem like a strangely high number of them and we turn around a huge amount of tweets every day. Our customers need us in real-time and Twitter is a great way to be there for them.

For us, tapping into this fast moving communication channel allows us to make a real difference to the service they receive. We are a complex industry. We can't always change the big things. For us, Twitter is about paying attention to all the small things.

Today, the vast majority of constructive feedback we receive through Twitter gets passed back to our management teams. If we can make a positive change as a result of that, we will. If a customer on one of our trains spots something that's broken and tweets about it, we will ask for a bit more information and feed it back in real time to our engineers, who will make sure it is looked at as part of the maintenance schedule.

This is a completely new kind of service we are able to offer thanks to Twitter. Customers are more likely to keep us updated this way, rather than taking time to write a letter or an email - so we always know what's going on with our service. What's great for us is that we can then show our customers we are listening to them and trying to improve their journey experience.

Our mission is to do as much as we can for as many individuals as possible. I'm a firm believer in the idea that lots of good things make one great thing.

Next week, Joanna will be sharing more on how Twitter is used to unlock actionable insight, on “The Social Barometer” – you can register to hear more below.

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