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Adapting To Change: Six Ways Customer Service Is Evolving

Marie Rose
By Marie Rose on Sep 24, 2012 3:57:00 PM

Social channels give customers a voice that they've never had before. But how does this change the way that companies deliver customer service?

Companies can no longer ignore the demand for social customer service. Social media has empowered customers, giving them a public voice and putting them in control on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Here are six ways that social customer service is evolving:

1: Social is in demand

Businesses need to keep up with social media if they are going to keep up successful relationships with their customers. Our research shows that 50% of consumers are actively using social media as a customer service route. Delivering social customer service helps to maintain customer loyalty. Customers state they are more likely to buy from brands that provide a positive experience - one that meets their biggest need. 

2: Social affects business

Paying customers are looking to have a positive experience with a company on social media, and providing poor customer service can cause business to suffer. In fact, 17% of customers say they would stop using a company after one service mess up, while 40% answered they would leave after two mess ups and 28% after three.

3: Customers want answers

When customers tweet about bad experiences, they do expect a response. Studies show that 46% of time time, customers engage with a company on social media in the hope that they can solve a problem. However, 58% of customers who tweeted about a bad experience said that they never received an answer from the company.

4: Large companies have already caught on

If big-name brands are delivering social customer service, other companies will need to follow suit if they want to keep up. Out of Fortune 500’s 100 Largest Companies, 20% of them are already actively responding to customer companies and queries on social media channels.

5: And more companies are set to follow

Compared to a few months ago, more companies are doing social customer service than ever before. In the next year, social media itself will grow by 37%. In terms of social customer service, experts expect online customer service to grow by 53% in the next twelve months.

6: Social is the future

Many companies have recognized the need to have a presence on social media. Currently, an estimated 25% of companies with a social media presence are delivering social customer service. However, predictions say that by 2020 this will jump up to 90%. With so many companies joining the social customer service race, how can any business choose to ignore it?

There is no doubt that social customer service will continue to grow and evolve. With the exposure of poor experiences on the Internet being the number one cause of social media crises, it’s time for companies to start treating social media seriously. Leading businesses have set the standard, and others will have to deliver social customer service soon to stay in the game. It’s survival of the fittest on social media, and companies that choose not to adapt to changes in customer service standards will be left behind.

How do you think social customer service is evolving? We’re interested to hear your thoughts in the comments below. 

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