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5 Ways You Can Benefit From Social Customer Service

By Rachel Tran on Jun 27, 2013 12:15:00 PM

We kicked off our Quick Guide to Social Customer Service series last week with ‘The Road to Social Customer Service Nirvana – Where Are You Now?’. Today, we look at five ways you can benefit from implementing a social customer service program into your business, as a teaser for what you can expect to find in the 2nd edition of our Social Customer Service handbook.

To build an effective Social Engagement Hub and start connecting with your customers, it’s essential to understand your strategic objectives. Merely implementing “social for social’s sake” without considering benefits you expect to see for customers and your business, may cause more damage to your brand than good. If you can’t explain the good your social customer service program will do, how can you sustain and scale it?

Here are 5 key benefits of an effective Social Customer Service program that you could be bringing to your business.

Organic Customer Endorsement: 

Studies have shown that your customers are 4 times more likely to endorse your brand after having a positive experience online than those who don’t. And the best experiences are those that beat expectations. By providing a great service online, and even reaching out proactively before they come to you, your customers are more likely to share their experiences and recommend your brand to their friends and social followings. Social Customer Service offers a new kind of social marketing – and in the most organic, natural way possible.

Boost Customer Value:

Did you know that customers who engage with your company through social channels are likely to spend 20-40% more than those who don’t? Providing quality interactions can be a highly competitive differentiator for most industries. Using social for customer service is a great chance for you to set your offering apart in the minds of consumers. Take this opportunity to stand out as customer-centric by providing robust social customer care and increase customer value.

Social is More Efficient:

Encouraging customers to use social channels for customer care by offering a better experience can help reduce the cost to serve. 70% of consumers who use social media for customer service are likely to do so again if they are satisfied with their experience. According to a recent report from Gartner, the social CRM agent can manage four to eight times more high-value interactions, compared with a traditional, voice-based contact centre agent. Not only will you have an opportunity to satisfy your customers through social channels, you can also save money for your business.

Brand protection:

Use social customer service to address dissatisfaction and negativity surrounding your brand at the earliest warning signs – this is the best way to protect your brand against a social crisis.  A study by Altimeter found that biggest cause of one decade of social media crises was poor customer experiences shared online.

New Business Opportunities:

Through social channels, not only are you able to broadcast your latest offers, but you can provide advice for purchasing decisions - giving you the chance to impress new customers whilst also retaining your existing customers by deepening those relationships. Proactive outreach is a fine art when monitoring conversations about other brands - you must train your social team to do this skilfully without appearing manipulative - but offers a great opportunity to stand out positively against the competition

Here we’ve listed just a few of the many ways your business can benefit from Social Customer Service, to find out the full benefits of implementing social media into your customer service offering download our Quick Guide: Making the Case for Social Customer Service.

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