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5 Must-Haves for Stellar Customer Service

Bryan Brennan
By Bryan Brennan on Feb 8, 2017 12:09:32 PM

As the user base of social media platforms grow and an increased ROI is evident on social media channels such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Twitter, it’s only wise to take heed of the growing value of social customer service as we work our way into the new year.

A recent study by Twitter and Applied Marketing Science offers key insights that help consolidate the rise of social customer service tools.

  • 32% of consumers find phone conversations to be the most frustrating customer service channel. This is largely on account of automatization and long wait times. So they’re poised for a new and better solution.
  • If you give your customers a (timely) response on social media, you’re likely to garner a significant payout. Customers who receive responses on social are 44% more likely to share their experience with your brand, and are 30% more likely to recommend your brand.
  • As word of mouth proves to be one of the most effective vehicles of brand promotion, a strong and engaging customer-oriented social presence can prove to be invaluable for your business.

Twitter and Facebook have recently redeveloped and updated their channels to provide the very best in customer service. Twitter has newly introduced welcome messages and quick replies, whereas Facebook Messenger has been smoothly integrated into Facebook Pages for business allowing for timely human interaction between customer and company. The growing tendency towards #SocialFirst customer service will make it painfully easy to resolve customer issues. “Painful” often tends to be the operative word with traditional service operations, however in order to start the new year off right, here are five tools/integrations worth exploring to ensure you’re maximizing the full potential of your social customer service tools:

Take social off its island

Put the data you have on your customers to good use, and be sure to integrate your CRM across all of your business’s platforms. Integrating social customer service with your customer database allows you to resolve customer issues on social, and it maximizes your agent efficiency.. Take the time to truly get to know your customers, develop a nuanced view of who they are and their history with your brand, and gather information that’ll help you provide them with more efficient, tailored service.


InSided is a leading provider of community engagement technology and services that helps foster customer intimacy and advocacy, while simultaneously focusing on improving your ROI. Social’s earliest beginnings started with forums, and solutions have sprung up since to address customer-company communications. With the Conversocial/InSided integration, you can expect to benefit from a faster and more cost-effective method of customer service tools, streamline operations by viewing all conversations around your brand in one dashboard, and receive comprehensive analytics that will help you develop your customer service master plan. The two companies are quickly establishing themselves as leaders in digital customer care and relationship-building, so keep tabs on this partnership for 2017 and beyond.


It’s an incredible world we live in, wherein your company not only “listen and respond" immediately to its users, but can solver their problems and have meaningful dialog and resolution. Conversocial is an engagement platform built for service and effortless conversations that lead to in-channel resolution. Best-in-class Social Customer Service is the difference between a platform that is able to do social care and one that is able to do social care well. Conversocial is that difference. 

Read more about how social care is proven to deliver up to 272% ROI. 


You won’t be able to do damage control or guide the flow of your social mentions if you don’t know where the conversations are happening. That’s where Conversocial’s integration with Brandwatch comes in: think of the integration as a virtual busy-body of sorts, keeping tabs on all of your brand’s mentions across 80 million conversational sources in over 40 languages. Conversocial will automatically prioritize those mentions that are most important or time-sensitive, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost in any fluff. It’s a great tool to keep up with your brand’s presence on the whole of the internet on a global scale, opening your eyes to more than just the few big names in social media today.

A crisis playbook that works

Our brand should have a crisis playbook that succinctly outlines the processes for inter-departmental sharing of information and social service workflows. Playbooks will differ from company to company, but keep a few of the following points in mind when beginning to craft your own: develop the playbook in line with your company’s mission and brand DNA; consider exactly how you’ll approach crisis communications (coming from a place of good faith and power versus recovering from a generally bad reputation); ensure the playbook aids your overall business goals (e.g. engagement, cutting costs, generating new business, etc.); and perhaps most importantly, be sure all initiatives are directed to customer service tools in a genuine, digestible, and practical manner. 

If you want to learn more about how your brand can deliver stellar customer service, be sure to download our 2017 Definitive Guide to Social, Mobile Customer Service now

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