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4 Easy Steps to Create An Effective Community Program with CROWDS

Kevin Forcet
By Kevin Forcet on Sep 21, 2016 12:06:07 PM
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Technology that connects people is only ever as good as the people it connects. Crowds is one of the best tools to tap into your community’s full potential, so you’ll need to find the right people to match the software. Here’s how you set up the right program to support your technology, empower your community, and meet all your targets.

Conversocial Crowds is a tool that pulls and sorts content from Twitter, and presents it to community experts in a clear and relevant way. This allows experts to engage with content in a quick, easy, and efficient fashion.

Experts are product enthusiasts who want to help and support users. They are knowledgeable and eager to assist others, but they won’t be able to achieve their full potential unless you run a solid community program to support and encourage them. A proper program will mean your end users get the best possible experience at minimal cost to you.

These are the four steps to setting up your CROWDS program.  

1. Decide what you want to achieve

Do you want to offer perennial low-level product support? Do you want event-related burst activity? Do you want to increase your Twitter reach? Do you want to support a language you don’t have  customer support coverage for? Do you want to collect feedback?  

Make an ordered list of your goals with quantifiable objectives next to each list item. This will help you be more strategic in planning your peer-to-peer social customer support

2. Determine what resources you are prepared to commit

Once you’ve finished the above list, you will have to gauge the resources you’ll need to achieve these goals. CROWDS is a great tool to empower your community, but it will only work optimally if you support it properly.

You need to think about:

  • Manpower resources: How many staff members will you need to run your program, communicate with experts and report results? Don’t forget to factor in different languages, products and territories where appropriate.
  • Information resources: What info can you make available to your experts to enable them to answer questions autonomously: do you have a wiki or an FAQ?
  • Communication channels: How can experts reach you if they have questions? Do you have a dedicated email address? Facebook group? Forums?  

Once you’ve aligned your goals and resources, it’s time to find some experts!

3. Recruit, train and retain your experts

If your product or service is already publically available, odds are your experts are already out there: check forums, Facebook groups, specialist platforms or blogs to find people who like your product. If your product or service isn’t publically available yet, search for similar products. Scour the internet and make a list of people who fit your criteria: you’re looking for passionate, helpful and articulate people who you’d be happy to have  associated with your brand. Get in touch, tell them how awesome you think they are and how you’d love for them to give your program a shot.

Once experts sign up, you need to make sure they know where to find everything. Share the resources you compiled earlier in one central knowledgebase and make it legible and easy to use. The information provided should include both product information and tips-and-tricks on how to answer people.

Keeping your experts is easy if you keep one simple thing in mind: all experts are volunteers. They help you because they like you. They do it on their own free time and valition. Never let experts forget how great and helpful they are. Listen to them. Get to know them. Ask them how you could do better. Show them your appreciation.   

4. Assess your program over time

Our Professional Services team will help you reach your objectives and make tweaks when necessary. You can tailor your data reporting depending on the KPIs you picked your goals.

There are a number of metrics you can use to evaluate your program:

  • Total volume of messages received.
  • Total volume of message answered.
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Active Users
  • Time spent in app by experts.
  • Activity in app by experts.

CROWDS is always evolving and improving to meet our client’s needs and challenges, which means we’re constantly adding new features and data points, so do let us know if you need anything.

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