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3 Simple Social Customer Service Touches to go that Extra Mile

By Rachel Tran on Dec 10, 2012 5:28:00 PM

Social Customer Care Takeaway Series: Part 2 / 3

Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing a blog series giving simple takeaways on how to deliver better customer service.  

3 Simple Social Customer Service Touches to go that Extra Mile

Part one of the series looked at “3 Common Misunderstandings About What Customers Want”, this week we will explore 3 Simple Social Customer Service Touches to go that Extra Mile with your customers.

Social media has changed the way we communicate with our friends and family and now, the way businesses communicate with their customers.  An estimated 71% of businesses have already implemented social customer service, offering daily opportunities to delight customers.  Rather than just using social media to tick the boxes for responses made, why not consider mixing in these simple touches to go that extra mile to make customers happy?

1. Give responses a human touch

Sign-off with initials or a name to add that extra touch to enhance your customers’ experience. Nationwide’s fairly new @AskNationwide Twitter handle is a good example of a company putting this into practice. Another effective way of adding personal touches to social channels is by updating your Twitter bio or sending out tweets at the start of the day letting customers know who will be their customer service representative of the day. Comcast’s Twitter bio states exactly who tweets are coming from, and Tesco’s Customer Care Twitter handle broadcasts every morning who will be picking up on conversations.

Whoever speaks out on Facebook and Twitter, brand integrity needs to be maintained. But these personal touches bring to social some of the benefits of the phone - putting a name to a voice reassures consumers. Your fans and followers can get to know your agents as well as your brand, and they often truly enjoy these relationships. As consumers, we often like to speak with the same person over an issue, and it’s great to let someone know they’re dealing with a familiar face. Even when this doesn't happen, if you've got a smooth social customer service process you can impress by demonstrating that everyone knows each customer's issues and history.

2. Ask customers to reach out

Aim to surprise your customers by calling out to them first, to speak about any questions they may have – getting one step ahead of customers coming to you for help. Tesco sends a call out to customers every morning, to let them know when they can bring them questions, making it perfectly clear they’re more than happy to help - they want to. AirAsia uses the identity ‘Lil Miss Red’ across multiple social platforms for the initiative AskAirAsia, and even goes as far to cheekily ask “Tired of the Call Centre? Try AskAirAsia now!” The company has identified that their customers are looking for cheap, convenient and friendly service and are making the effort to take this to them.

Simply reaching out to your customers and letting them know social media is a channel they can turn to for help and advice is a small step for you to take, but it leaves a great impression. There is a real opportunity here to please even the unhappiest of customers by showing that you are there for all their needs - and not just because they came shouting. 

3. Get Involved, Even If You Are the Boss

With the fast establishment of social media customer service as a standard expectation, regular responses from your customer service agents will become less of a surprise and delight tactic. Through social media, consumers expect a more personal experience of companies and the people that represent them, and that’s all the people that represent them - no matter how senior. Take these for example: Tesco’s chief executive, Philip Clark, recently launched the “Talking Shop” blog,Rupert Murdoch responded to a customer complaint over the delivery of his Wall Street Journal subscription and the head of Kitchen Aid rescued her brand from a potential social disaster.

Does the Chief Executive of your company have a voice on your social channels? If you pick the right moments, it could do wonders for the message that truly social relationships with customers goes right to the heart of your business.

Social media enhances the contact between you and your customers, but it isn’t the same as meeting in person. According to a recent global study by IBM, CEO’s believe over the next 5 years social media will be above web, call centres and traditional media as the top two engagement channels, second to face-to-face interaction. Going the extra mile can help you solidify social media as the kind of truly social, engaging means of communication brands and buyers alike are seeking today. 

Don’t forget to catch up with part 1 of our Social Customer Care Takeaway Series, 3 Common Misunderstanding About What Customers Want, and look out for part three, 3 Simple Ways to Step-up Your Social Customer Care!

Got any suggestion for what you’d like to hear from us? Send them over to Rachel@conversocial.com or @Conversocial. We’re always looking for new ideas!

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