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The Art of Digital Transformation

Ft: Adam Brotman, Former Chief Digital Officer at Starbucks



This episode of Conversations w/ Conversocial is truly enlightening. Adam shares his experiences of leading the digital transformation of Starbucks - from sending out millions of coupons in the mail to building an app that drives billions of dollars of revenue each year.

Along the way, we touch on:

  • How to map out and evaluate customer touch points
  • How to build a team of “digital athletes”
  • How to get buy-in from the people who sign the checks
  • How to identify opportunities for innovation
  • The value of harnessing a cross-functional team

It was an absolute pleasure speaking with Adam and make sure you check out Brightloom to see what his current venture is all about.

“You're going to realize you have all these different touch points, most of which are digital. And you have to think to yourself, to get my customer to love me, refer me, come back to me, buy from me, is all centered around my digital relationship with them.”

Adam Brotman

Former Chief Digital Officer at Starbucks

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