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Conversations w/ Conversocial

A interview series where we chat with experts on all things AI, CX, and messaging.

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How to Deliver a Rockstar CX Strategy Amidst a Pandemic

Featuring James Dodkins, Rockstar CX

Join us as we get together with James Dodkins, rockstar turned international keynote speaker, who uses his unique experience to inspire and educate brands on providing an impactful customer experience strategy.

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Some of Our Previous Guests

Rob Lawson: Video

Our head of Product Marketing and Partnerships sat down with Rob for an informative discussion about customer experience delivery on Google's Business Messages.

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Martha O'Byrne-O'Reilly: Video

On this episode, Martha O’Byrne-O’Reilly and Shane discuss how brands are leveraging Facebook Messenger to provide rich experiences for their customers.

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Phillip Hunter: Video

Do you know what it takes to build a good Bot? On this episode of Conversations w/ Conversocial, Phillip and Shane discuss how to use Conversational AI to effectively build two-way communication.

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Dan Gingiss: Video

Get a cup of coffee, make yourself comfortable, and settle in for one of our favorite episodes of Conversations w/ Conversocial so far. Dan tackles just about aspect of modern customer experience, how it's evolving during the current pandemic, and how the landscape will look in the future.

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Adam Brotman: Video

Adam shares his experiences of leading the digital transformation of Starbucks - from sending out millions of coupons in the mail to building an app that drives billions of dollars of revenue each year.

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Adam Brotman: Podcast

We condensed years of insight, experience, and knowledge from one of the great digital innovators of our time into just 25 minutes. Enjoy!

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Cathy Pearl: Video

Watch the live recording of Conversations w/ Conversocial featuring conversational design guru Cathy Pearl. Want to learn more about chatbots? This is probably THE place to start.

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Cathy Pearl: Podcast

This episode of Machine Yearning is special. Shane is joined by Google's Cathy Pearl for a live recording where they take a deep dive into the topic of Compassionate Conversational Experiences.

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Max Sklar: Full Interview

Max is a machine learning engineer at Foursquare and is a fountain of smart, concise thinking on privacy, social media and whether we’re looking at an imminent AI winter.

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Deborah Dahl: Full Interview

Deborah has been at the forefront of voice and speech, multimodal and accessibility standards design on the web for over 30 years. Her view on this space, and her sense of humor about it all, is fantastic.

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Daniel Houghton: Full Interview

Daniel is the CEO of Pyxl (that’s P-Y-X-L,) a Nashville-based digital marketing agency. Before joining Pyxl this year, Daniel was CEO of Lonely Planet, where he partnered with Amazon and Google so that travellers could access Lonely Planet products through the Alexa device and Google Home.

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VOICE Round-Up 2: Full Episode

An episode packed with many amazing folks, four of them, in fact, that we can’t wait to dive right in - including Patricia Scanlon on the trust and data, Adva Levin on gaming and behavior hurdle, Bree Glaeser talks finding natural language through research and Cathy Pearl discusses her experience with Actions on Google.

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VOICE Round-Up 1: Full Episode

Bias in our culture and in our technology, particularly in AI, is a mammoth issue. We think being intentional, breaking bad hiring and management habits, and building inclusive teams is the only way the voice and AI space can avoid repeating the mistakes of the past. This episode, we have three guests who provide guidance on just how we can do that.

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Janeen Uzzell: Full Interview

Janeen is New Jersey native who is on a mission to use her influence and voice to lead significant work that changes lives, communities and the world. Most recently, Janeen was the Head of Women in Technology for GE. In this conversation, they take a half step back from voice, and dig into the process of human-centric design on a global scale.

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Christina Mallon: Full Episode

An episode that matters to every. single. person. Christina Mallon, our guest, is a designer, advocate and authority on designing for the disabled. Seriously, if you lead product or are a CMO or anywhere in the org chain… you need to take notes and share this one around.

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Cannes Round-Up 1: Full Episode

Cannes is where over 10,000 folks from 90 countries meet to hand out awards and chop up the future of brand communication. A great place to geek out on our obsessions: Language and how people connect. How we use technology to facilitate our connections. And the hardest one - the blind spots we need to discover so...

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Robin Sloan: Full Interview

It’s scifi writer, social observer and dedicated AI enthusiast Robin Sloan. Robin’s path into AI has been fascinating, starting with his neighborhood library in the Detroit suburbs, weaving through the early days of Macs and, most recently, Robin has been intuiting and bootstrapping his way into some fascinating co-writing experiments with the machine.

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Kathryn Hume: Full Interview

One of the things we loved about talking with Kathryn is that she gets the poetry of language. She is also really smart about how that poses some major challenges with AI. Kathryn brings a wonderfully diverse view. She works at IntegrateAI and has done product, marketing, investment, and mentoring start-ups.

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