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Create Conversational Customer Experiences

Transform sales, marketing, and customer service with Conversational Customer Experiences that seamlessly integrate bots and live agents.

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With best-in-class agent and bot messaging capabilities on one platform, the Assist acquisition makes Conversocial a CX game-changer.

  • Purpose-Built for Messaging: A platform conceived from the ground up to facilitate a single, continuous conversation with customers via messaging that revolutionizes your business through seamless, relationship-focused customer experiences.
  • Commerce Through Care: From awareness through commerce to care, seamlessly blend human and bot agents in the same conversation, leveraging intelligent prioritization, case management rich integrations to deliver exemplary CX.
  • Adaptive Automation®: Dynamic conversational experiences driven by Random Access Navigation (RAN) - a proprietary technology that gives customers the ability to navigate through intent and interaction history without a predefined path.


Learn more about Conversocial's acquisition of Assist