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Move to Messaging

Only messaging channels provide continuous, convenient, and persistent customer conversations. And only Conversocial gives your brand preemptive, one-to-one, and scalable conversational CX.

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Why Move to Messaging?

Move to Messaging. It’s a simple concept. One that we’ve displayed proudly on our homepage and social media accounts for the past six months. But what does it mean? And why is it at the heart of everything we do?

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Introducing the Conversational CX Platform

Combine four key capabilities into a single customer engagement platform that enables brands to deliver one-to-one, personalized conversational experiences.

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Help inform and guide your business maintaining business operations by rapidly making your contact center remote during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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Tap into the power of Messaging and Automation for:

Happier Customers

Messaging channels allow brands to deliver real-time & asynchronous customer experiences.

30% Sentiment Conversion hertz-01
35% CSAT Response Rate gymshark-33
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Increased Efficiency

Adaptive automation allows brands to scale their customer experience operation efficiently.

83% Lower Cost-to-Serve volaris-2-01
57 hrs Saved per Month Alaska-09
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Use Conversocial to drive frictionless experiences at
every stage of your customer’s journey.

Customer Service

Use Conversocial to care for your customers. Increase brand loyalty and customer satisfaction by resolving service-related conversations effortlessly.

Discover how a Conversocial partner reduced inbound call volume by 30% through messaging channel promotion – with this shift resulting in a saving of $192k through WhatsApp alone.

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Customer Acquisition

Use Conversocial to acquire more customers. Drive commerce through care with unique and memorable customer experiences — driven by adaptive automation.

Within 30 days, conversation volume on Apple Business Chat exceeded public Twitter for a major international airline, showing clear consumer preference for private messaging.

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Customer Engagement

Use Conversocial to engage more customers. Retain your customers with targeted messages and personalized customer experiences on messaging channels.

Learn how one Conversocial client drove a 122% lift in in-store appointments with a 15% increase in average order value per appointment via Messenger.

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Join 250+ other customers who believe
 in the power of messaging.

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Get more no-nonsense best practices & insight to help shape your customer experience operation!

The Definitive Guide to Customer Service in the Era of Messaging & Automation

Our Guide to Becoming a Paradigm of Effortless, In-the-Moment Customer Service, at Scale.

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