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A Built-for-Service Social Platform

We do things differently, and it’s all in the details.

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Turn chaotic signals into a structured channel

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Wendy Smith @amazingcellular Help! My husband justlost his brand new phone! :-(

Find service moments when your customers need you the most

Social Engagement

Social, Mobile Channels

Conversocial supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Google+

Proactive Instagram Engagement

Monitor indirect posts of your services and products via geotags and hashtags to resolve them in-the-moment

Facebook Messenger Integration

Weave info like receipts and shipping confirmations directly into conversations for frictionless service

SMS Support

Coming soon with Conversocial’s latest API

Organize, prioritize, route and triage by just pressing PLAY


The Power of PLAY

Make helping customers fun again with the most sophisticated routing system on the market. Assign conversations based on agent skillset, triggers and current workload.

Same Conversation, Same Agent

Conversations make sense when the same agent engages on the same thread, weaving all info into a single view for a personalized, relevant customer experience.

Unified Inbox
Approval Workflows

Approval Workflows

Scale your team safely with customizeable role-based approvals.

Faster Resolutions

Enable your agents to efficiently and effectively resolve your social, mobile customers' queries.

Customer Resolution

Resolution Management

Resolution Management

Use a case-inspired system to track the start-to-finish progress of collaborating on and delivering resolution

Enterprise-Grade Security

Enterprise-Grade Security

Uncompromising security features mean you don’t have to defer customers to a generic number



A content management library built with Humanity @ Scale in mind, not templated responses

CRM Integrations

CRM Integration

All Extend packages come with standard CRM integrations for a single view of the customer


tag trends and sentiment

performance across all your service channels

your operations at a glance

negative conversations converted to positive

Start serving your social customers with Conversocial

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