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Rage Against the Machine: Bring Humanity Back to Service

May 3, 2016 10:00 AM by Natasha Palmer


We’ve all been there. Angry and fed-up, looking to speak to a customer service representative, only to be told by a voice recordingafter waiting for several minutesto select from more options. Which usually results in being put on hold once again, or redirected to email.

Whether you have called, emailed, ranted or raged–you’re not the only one. All you needed was a friendly voice from somebody who ‘cared’ and ‘understood’ your problem, that could of offered you a resolution in a matter of moments, afterall, surely as valued customers that’s the type of service you expect?

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First Utility outperforms industry and ranks number 1 at Twitter customer service in the UK

May 3, 2016 03:14 AM by Lauren Stewart

FirstUtility.pngThe following post is from Mick Saunders, the Digital Services Success Manager at First Utility, a UK electricity and gas supplier supplying thousands of homes across the UK.First Utility uses Conversocial to workflow their Facebook and Twitter channels as a brand. Mick has a background in working within the Contact Centre environment. Mick and his team have recently been polled as number 1 for Twitter customer service out of the whole UK utilities industry.

The customer is truly at the heart of our ethos. As a supplier of gas and electricity to hundreds of thousands of homes across the UK, we take absolute pride in delivering the best customer experience, not least on our social channels.

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How to Maximize your Social Media Customer Service in 3 Simple Steps

April 29, 2016 04:14 AM by Natasha Palmer

Maximize_Social.pngFact: social media is here to stay. If they haven’t already done so, companies need to rethink their business models — not just in terms of marketing and sales, but also service — in order to keep up with the ever-growing, ever-pervasive phenomenon that is social media.

We all know about (and constantly see) social media marketing at work — but did you know that 67% of businesses are now using social media for customer service purposes? This trend shows no signs of waning, and it’s in every company’s best interest to get on board the social service train. Ensuring that these real-time social service encounters are both pleasant and effective will allow your company to increase customer loyalty and the favorability of your brand. Furthermore, customers who do not receive valid support (or even worse — fail to receive a response at all) will have every justification to discontinue working with or supporting your company.

So now you know what (and what not) to do to amp your service credibility, but how exactly do you implement the new course of action? Read on to learn how to successfully navigate the new wave in social media customer service:

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Alaska Airlines Ranks as #1 US Airline for Social Customer Service on Twitter

April 27, 2016 08:38 AM by Lauren Stewart

AirAlaska.pngFollowing a report by Engagement Labs we are proud to announce that our customer, Alaska Airlines, has been ranked first place out of the top 10 US airlines for delivering customer service over Twitter, with a respectable second place on Instagramand fourth place on  Facebook.

With 150 planes forming its fleet, Alaska Airlines has always had innovation in its product DNA. Alaska Air was the first to develop satellite guidance, a navigation technique that has transformed landing at Alaska’s tricky airports. That innovation has found its way into their social customer service channels, with the release of a report by Engagement Labs showing that Alaska Air is leading the way with customer connections over social channels and demonstrating best practices for airlines.

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Listening Closer to the Social Voter

April 25, 2016 01:36 PM by Tamar Frumkin

Listening Closer to the Social Voter

On April 19th, one of the most outspoken states in the Union voted to pick the 2016 nominations for POTUS. New Yorkers are known for speaking their minds, especially when it comes to politics, and especially on Social Media. Considering that this race included two New York natives and one former New York senator, the race for the Big Apple was a ruthless one.

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Video: Make the Contact Center Human Again

April 18, 2016 01:11 PM by Mike Schneider


We're excited to introduce Spotlights, a new video series. In our first Spotlight, Conversocial CMO Paul Johns discusses how Social Customer Care brings humanity, comedy and even a little drama to your customer relationships.

Read on for a transcript, or watch the video below. 

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5 things that you need to know from F8 and how this affects social customer service

April 14, 2016 10:10 AM by Lauren Stewart

Mark Zuckerberg stood up on Tuesday during his keynote at the F8 conference and painted a vivid picture of how Facebook plans to connect all of us (even the 4 billion currently without internet access) via innovation, virtual reality, messaging, bots and live video. His vision is for us as a global nation to experience the world in a richer way.

Customer Service via Facebook Messenger

For a fuller picture of what’s in store, here are the five things that you need to know about Facebook's 10 year vision that they shared at F8.

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Here it is—the Spring Edition of The Conversation

April 12, 2016 12:27 PM by Harry Rollason


Welcome to the Spring Edition of The Conversation, your go-to guide for updates on Social Customer Service best practices, actionable insights and proven success stories from some of the world's most social brands.

Join The Conversation to read:

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No Channel Left Behind: Transform Traditional Digital Channels to #SocialFirst with Conversocial’s new Channel API

April 4, 2016 08:30 AM by Jaclyn Fu

The new Conversocial Channel API enables the easy integration of other digital conversation sources into Conversocial.The new Conversocial Channel API enables the easy integration of other digital conversation sources into Conversocial.

Social is scaling.

Your customers are increasingly armed with mobile devices: they are talking to and about your brand as they are experiencing it, from all channels, at all times. The social, mobile customer has higher expectations of your brand, and the power of voice and choice.

Customers asked brands nearly 22 million questions on Facebook and Twitter in 2015. On Twitter alone, customer service conversations have grown 2.5x over the last two years.  Although Social has rapidly become a preferred service channel, for many companies it represents a small percentage of all the digital conversations in the contact center.

As Social grew in popularity, the other channels have lost a little humanity along the way. Long response times, automated replies, rigid scripts and high customer effort have driven customers to reject these experiences in favor of social. Recognizing the highly emotional, unfiltered and in-the-moment nature of social, this channel must be approached differently - with a bit more care, innovation and delight.

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Direct Message Us! (With our new DM Button)

March 29, 2016 12:53 PM by Joshua March

iStock_000069055945_Large.jpgRecently, I was on a webinar with Jeff Lesser from Twitter talking about a couple of their new innovations in the customer care space: Click to Direct Message, and Customer Feedback. As a Twitter Certified Partner, Conversocial was among the first platforms to deliver the new functionality to our clients.


Click to Direct Message makes it significantly easier to take a conversation private from a public Tweet. When you include the special link at the end of a Tweet (we describe how to do this below), Twitter turns it into a simple button enabling your customer to go straight into a private DM conversation (in Conversocial, agents can add the link with the press of a button). This is a strong step in making Twitter much simpler for consumers to use for customer service; hopefully this is the end to an awkward but until now common response by brands hoping to take conversations private: “Please DM us”.

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