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[Webcast] From Social Agent to Brand Advocate: The Future Contact Center

May 20, 2015 09:51 AM by Harry Rollason

Social media has overturned the traditional business-customer relationship, and with customers gaining more power than ever before, their expectations for good service will keep on rising.


Therefore it’s imperative you get it right from the off. Join our panelists for an interactive webinar in which we cover how you recruit the right people and empower them to represent your brand—to enable a #SocialFirst customer service strategy.

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New Social Customer Rules

May 18, 2015 11:42 AM by Paul Johns

Social media may well be the most potent customer channel there is today. It's a connection between brands and consumers (as well as amongst consumers themselves) that is public and pervasive. It's also a channel used to engage largely from a mobile device while experiencing your brand in-the-moment as it were. That means that the social channel may also emerge as the most insightful, certainly the most authentic. 


However, this channel has exploded in recent months, overtaking email and other traditional forms of communication as a primary means of engaging with businesses. It has become the channel of choice for consumers across many industries but no one has really taught us how to engage over social media. There's no book for social etiquette (at least not one I have found of value). So, I want to share my 5 new rules. These rules are designed to help both the businesses that embrace social, and the consumer to gain a greater appreciation of the new social contract. That is to say, that as social has grown in volume it is now needing to grow up and be counted as a mature, credible, even critical channel for all companies, large and small. So, the time has come to establish ground rules in how they listen to, and engage with those mobile, social customers but also the consumer needs to demonstrate respect for this very public forum for engagement with the companies they choose to do business with. Here we go....  

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Solving the Omni-Channel Dilemma In-Store

May 14, 2015 08:53 AM by Bryan Brennan

Name the number 1 thing that frustrates you about your in-store experience while shopping? It will differ for us all, but for me it has to be when an eager, young sales associate rushes up to me asking if I need any help in finding something (although only doing their job). But, I get equally upset if I’m looking for help and no one offers it, a double standard here I know.


This in-store experience is only enhanced outside of the store when consumers tweet or post an issue on social media. Ironically, few retailers think to answer customers when they tweet or post to their social media pages. In fact, when you look at response times for the top 100 retail companies, these companies are taking on average 7 hours (yes, 7 hours) to reply back to a consumer post or tweet! (find out your stats here).

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How NOT to use Social Media for Customer Service

May 11, 2015 08:14 AM by Harry Rollason

Social media has overturned the traditional business-customer relationship, and with customers gaining more power than ever before their expectations for good service will keep on rising. But the public nature of channels such as Twitter and Facebook means margin for error is at a minimum. Therefore it’s imperative you get it right from the off.


That being said, there is a long list of Twitter fails by companies who have tried to engage with a disgruntled customer online (See US Airways for example).

So what should companies not do when dealing with a cross customer on social?

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Outsourcers: It’s time to "Mind the Gap"

May 7, 2015 09:11 AM by Joseph Rice

The customer care outsourcing world is in the midst of a race to the bottom when it comes to profitability. Cut throat competition including price arbitrage from offshore destinations has driven down prices and with it margins. This is great for clients but less so for the outsourcers and their shareholders. So where does the industry find salvation? Where is the next big thing? How do outsourcers leverage their strengths and economies of scale? The answer may reside in social media, which presents the opportunity to deliver good ol’ fashion customer service combined with sales, marketing and feedback opportunities. The lines are becoming increasingly blurred so let me explain.

The first thing to consider is that social media as a customer care channel is growing substantially. At Conversocial we’ve seen 30%+ year-over-year growth in the volume of social messages our customers are receiving. And the impact of social media on customer care is being felt across industries with organizations reporting that social is set to account for up to 11.5% of interactions in call centers this year according to data from Business Systems. For the outsourcing community a huge opportunity exists in supporting clients with this growing volume of social messages. This is not something for the future, this opportunity exists today and the graph above from SocialBakers illustrates this point beautifully. Look at the huge gap between questions and responses. Nearly two million unresponded questions on Twitter alone! Outsourcers are uniquely suited to fill this gap as they have for their clients across other care channels. They need to step up now or risk losing this space to upstarts such as moderation agencies who’ve been involved in the social game for many years.

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5 Step Strategy for the 2015 Social Customer Service Battlefield

April 29, 2015 09:09 AM by Alex Harvey

I've worked with a number of different customer service teams across various industries over the last year in an effort to create benchmark use cases, and one regular piece of feedback from those on the front line is that social channels are a constant battle ground. Although social media presents great opportunities, many businesses are having difficulty with the free-flowing, round-the-clock, public nature and the expectation of immediate responses (Five minutes according to IBM!!).


Does the following story sound familiar?

The year is 2013. You've been following the growing trend for leading companies to offer some form of engagement over social media that isn’t marketing focussed. You gather the evidence, and lead the charge to gain internal buy-in to do the same at your organisation. Encouraged by the potential return on investment, your proposal is approved (congratulations!).

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The 2015 Definitive Guide to Social Customer Service

April 23, 2015 09:04 AM by Harry Rollason


Adopting a Social First customer service strategy is no longer optional - it's business critical. But businesses still struggle when operationalizing social customer service. For this reason we're thrilled to announce our 2015 edition of the Definitive Guide to Social Customer Service.

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Thinking from the Firehose

April 22, 2015 10:50 AM by Joshua March

There can be little doubt that social channels have emerged as critical points of connection for customer activity. A diverse set of channels, from Twitter and Facebook to Instagram and many more, are all growing rapidly, overtaking email, and in some cases other legacy communications channels.


There is however a lot of noise on social—arguably more than ever—and so the challenge becomes one of understanding and prioritizing conversations, routing them to the right brand advocate or agent, and providing the controls and analytics you have come to expect from more traditional service channels. Social has not just grown, it has grown up. It is now a mature, legitimate service channel with real customer issues being resolved.

As all markets mature, there is a natural consolidation and re-shaping of suppliers. New partnerships are forged and acquisitions are made.

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These Aren't The Droids You're Looking For

April 10, 2015 11:08 AM by T. Connor Denis


A funny thing happens as humans create, develop, and improve the technology that make life more organized, convenient, and yes - social. We begin to put all too much faith into the tech that we have built, believing that higher tech means a better experience. In many places this mentality is understandable, I don't know many who would give up their iPhone or Android for two cups and a string. However, in at least one place, these advances have left us tired, frustrated, and desperate: brands' belief that AIs and IVRs deliver a quality customer service experience. There is simply is no replacing the human factor.

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[Webinar] Social customer service 2.0. Is your enterprise ready?

April 8, 2015 11:52 AM by Harry Rollason

Traditional customer service is broken. It's impersonal and robotic, creating a frustrated customer, left alienated by long wait times and dropped calls. The answer: Build a social customer service culture that has a personality - reinforcing your brand. 


With this in mind, join Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Ovum and Conversocial for an interactive webinar in which we cover the operational, cultural and technological opportunities—and challenges—for adopting a #SocialFirst customer service strategy.

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