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Spotlight: The History of Social Media

May 26, 2016 10:29 AM by Mike Schneider


In the past decade we've seen social media grow, grow up and fundamentally transform how brands and customers engage with one another. In our latest Spotlight, Conversocial CMO Paul Johns and Chris Bolman, Director of Integrated Marketing at Percolate, sat down to discuss the history of social media, the rise of mobile and the power of the social customer.

Read on for the transcript or watch the video below.

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Spotlight: Conversocial Customer Partnerships

May 24, 2016 09:14 AM by Mike Schneider

This week we sat down with George Twizell, Director of Customer Success and Conversocial veteran (he's been with the company for just over five years!) 

Click below for a transcript, or watch the video above. 

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Turn your Google Play Store reviews into a powerful service channel with Conversocial’s latest integration

May 18, 2016 03:00 PM by Jaclyn Fu

iStock_000048972040_Large.jpgConversocial continues to help brands deliver five-star service on the most convenient mobile customer channels at every point in the engagement journey.

Your customers are finding increasingly creative methods to request for help and express frustrations. Customers are no longer where they used to be, and are no longer who they used to be. To stay competitive and relevant, companies must evolve their service strategy to be listening and ready to engage at the most convenient channels for their customers.

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Get Your Executives to Invest in Social Customer Service

May 17, 2016 10:24 AM by Jaclyn Fu

investment-blog-image.jpgTo deliver a socially mature customer care strategy, there must be both Investment and Innovation. This chapter focuses on insights and practical tools you can use to demonstrate social care ROI and build the business case you need to propel your efforts to the next level.

Today’s customer has greater choice and voice than ever before. With low barriers to switch, fickle loyalties and eroding margins, many companies are recognizing that customer experience is a powerful and effective brand differentiator. Social has become a channel of choice for customers to connect on, and for brands to nurture customer relationships. It’s where businesses, large and small, can begin to build trust, innovate and revisit their humanity.

You have ambitious plans for how your brand can more conveniently engage with your mobile customers on social. You’re forward thinking, and recognize that the company needs to move as fast as the speed of digital to catch up. Your social engagement team may have started to make a tangible impact, but there’s more that can be done, and you need the resources to do it.

True success in social media customer service requires not only financial ‘buy-in’, but also dedicated time, human-power and executive leadership support. To determine what Investment you might need, take a moment to answer:

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How to Turn Social Media Complaints into Your Company's Biggest Asset

May 13, 2016 04:24 PM by Tamar Frumkin

iStock_000071372255_Large.jpgDespite the many benefits of using social media for business, brands still get a bit anxious about the potential for customers to use their social media channels as a platform to publicly blast every mistake made, essentially airing out all dirty laundry right in front of potential customers.

The fear is real. According to a study by VentureBeat, Americans write 2.5 million negative comments across social media platforms on a daily basis. Yet, despite the rationality behind the fear, brands should see negative comments as an opportunity rather than a threat, as they give you the chance to show your stuff (ie. how you work to solve problems). If you handle social media complaints correctly, you can actually come out looking better than you would if no problem had occurred whatsoever. In fact, according to Lee Resources, if you are proactive in solving customer service complaints, they will continue to do business with you 70% of the time.

So here are the best strategies for showing your problem solving skills on social media:

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Spotlight: A Closer Look at the Social Voter

May 11, 2016 10:40 AM by Harry Rollason


Mike Schneider, Conversocial's VP of Growth and Tamar Frumkin, Brand & Content Marketing Manager sat down to discuss how the race for the presidency in 2016 is largely being shaped by candidate's engagement on Social Media. By building strong brands, responding to their audience and rallying their advocates, politicians are able to make a strong impact on the Social generation of voters. Read on for the transcript, or watch the video below. 

Check out our infographic with Synthesio, reviewing the impact of each candidate on Social Media. 

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How Sophisticated is Your Social Customer Care? Reach the Next Level with the Social Maturity Index (SMI)

May 5, 2016 04:18 PM by Jaclyn Fu


To deliver a #SocialFirst customer care strategy, there must be both investment and innovation. This first part of ‘Achieving Social Maturity’ Series introduces a model for measuring and evaluating social customer success, and a blueprint for achieving the next stage.

“We need to take our existing social customer service capability to the next level as customers and competitors evolve” - Martin Hill-Wilson

What is that next level?

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Rage Against the Machine: Bring Humanity Back to Service

May 3, 2016 10:00 AM by Natasha Palmer


We’ve all been there. Angry and fed-up, looking to speak to a customer service representative, only to be told by a voice recordingafter waiting for several minutesto select from more options. Which usually results in being put on hold once again, or redirected to email.

Whether you have called, emailed, ranted or raged–you’re not the only one. All you needed was a friendly voice from somebody who ‘cared’ and ‘understood’ your problem, that could of offered you a resolution in a matter of moments, afterall, surely as valued customers that’s the type of service you expect?

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First Utility outperforms industry and ranks number 1 at Twitter customer service in the UK

May 3, 2016 03:14 AM by Lauren Stewart

FirstUtility.pngThe following post is from Mick Saunders, the Digital Services Success Manager at First Utility, a UK electricity and gas supplier supplying thousands of homes across the UK.First Utility uses Conversocial to workflow their Facebook and Twitter channels as a brand. Mick has a background in working within the Contact Centre environment. Mick and his team have recently been polled as number 1 for Twitter customer service out of the whole UK utilities industry.

The customer is truly at the heart of our ethos. As a supplier of gas and electricity to hundreds of thousands of homes across the UK, we take absolute pride in delivering the best customer experience, not least on our social channels.

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How to Maximize your Social Media Customer Service in 3 Simple Steps

April 29, 2016 04:14 AM by Natasha Palmer

Maximize_Social.pngFact: social media is here to stay. If they haven’t already done so, companies need to rethink their business models — not just in terms of marketing and sales, but also service — in order to keep up with the ever-growing, ever-pervasive phenomenon that is social media.

We all know about (and constantly see) social media marketing at work — but did you know that 67% of businesses are now using social media for customer service purposes? This trend shows no signs of waning, and it’s in every company’s best interest to get on board the social service train. Ensuring that these real-time social service encounters are both pleasant and effective will allow your company to increase customer loyalty and the favorability of your brand. Furthermore, customers who do not receive valid support (or even worse — fail to receive a response at all) will have every justification to discontinue working with or supporting your company.

So now you know what (and what not) to do to amp your service credibility, but how exactly do you implement the new course of action? Read on to learn how to successfully navigate the new wave in social media customer service:

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