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Maturity of social customer engagement and the value of an effort-free customer experience may have been the two main driving forces behind the evolution of customer expectations in 2016. Today’s customers want their voices heard and problems resolved, quickly and without having to jump through hoops. Then they want to carry on with their lives and cast that issue from their to-do bandwidth, freeing up precious time and energy. As 2017 rolls in, here are 7 vital statistics to keep in mind as you consider integrating a social care team or making innovative changes to your existing social engagement profile.


The 7 Most Important Customer Service Stats for 2017

By Tamar Frumkin
Jan 18, 2017 3:53:38 PM
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Customer care has always been paramount to the perceived quality of service within the airline industry. But for airlines, being there for customers in real-time goes further than just response times. The traveller of today has higher expectations and a lower resistance to brand change, despite the air miles they may have accumulated. These travelers have been empowered, finding their voice over new social platforms both in public and private channels. The new competitive advantage for airlines is humanity in service at all customer touch points. Airlines that are attempting to capture, understand, and win the “always on” travelers of 2017 are first faced with the prospect of having to initiate a personalized experience.


Social Care Best Practices from Michael Roy, Social Care Strategy Lead at Alaska Airlines

By Harry Rollason
Jan 17, 2017 3:15:05 PM
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Automation is on the rise. The World Economic Forum predicts that 5 million U.S. jobs will we be taken over by robots by 2020, and The White House estimates that 83% of jobs under $20/hour are at risk. Are robots coming for the customer service industry as well?


Man vs Machine: Should Customer Support be 100% Automated?

By Emily Lordahl
Jan 13, 2017 3:37:31 PM
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Have you ever needed to get in touch with an airline after running late for a flight, losing your baggage or having a poor inflight service experience? Social media gives airlines not only the ability to answer and resolve urgent customer service inquiries, but the power to completely revamp the travel experience. Using its custom-built Tracker tool, Conversocial analyzed the key metrics of the top 20 airlines’ performance over Twitter. We measured:


Infographic: Which Airlines Go the Extra Mile on the Customer Journey?

By Lia Winograd
Jan 12, 2017 1:32:59 PM
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Social media and customer service have really grown up together over the past decade. While customers are finally weaning themselves off nasty public spats and warming to directly messaging brands, brands have adopted the platforms where they prefer to communicate such as Twitter and Facebook Messenger. This is the good news. The bad news is that for most businesses, their customer service is still reactive rather than proactive and it’s costing them billions. 


7 Ways to do Proactive Customer Service Without Being Intrusive

By Jaclyn Fu
Jan 6, 2017 3:52:18 PM
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The travel industry is experiencing many changes, mostly because of their rapidly changing customers. The empowered traveler demands more, through multiple channels. Many travel agents, hotels and airlines are adapting as well to serve these always-on social, mobile travelers.

(Read more about how your favorite airlines measure up to new customer expectations.)

Currently, 50% of hotel companies make it possible to book directly on their Facebook page with a widget or booking engine. The majority of these interactions are still with a human agent but bots are completing basic transactions and answering frequently asked questions. The more advanced, #SocialFirst brands have live agents available on Facebook and other social channels 24/7. They are making digital and social customer service work for them, not against them.

Let’s explore 3 ways that customer service helps the new empowered traveler:


3 Ways Customer Service Helps the Empowered Traveler

By Tamar Frumkin
Jan 5, 2017 4:46:29 PM
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I was first introduced to CROWDs in May of last year when I met Conversocial’s VP of Product at a tech event in London. I’d been pitched quite a few ideas and products that day, but only one really caught my ear: peer-to-peer social support. I joined Conversocial as Product Manager for CROWDs just six weeks later.


The Evolution and Future of CROWDs

By Kevin Forcet
Jan 4, 2017 4:38:00 PM
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In today’s highly saturated marketplace — where you can get just about anything you need or want from a selection of competitors — customer service is a major determining factor swaying customers in your direction instead of towards the competition. Your brand needs to set itself apart from the pack in some unique way, and a 5-star customer service experience is an incredibly effective method to win the hearts and loyalty of new and potential customers on both public and private levels.


How to Make Sure Your Business Is Delivering 5-Star Customer Service

By Gloria Dumas
Jan 3, 2017 2:17:29 PM
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