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Social Media Risk Management: How to Evaluate your Liability before it's too Late

June 21, 2016 10:36 AM by Harry Rollason

iStock_88577133_SMALL.jpgAs we all know, we are living in a digital world. A defining characteristic of this digital transformation is the technology we are seeing everywhere, most obviously, in the social realm. Even if we are not immersed in the technology industry, we can’t ignore how social media has transformed our everyday social interactions, both between individuals as well as between consumers and brands.

In terms of social media for business, the field started off focusing on marketing. However, after realizing the potential in other areas such as customer service, client relations, etc--smart business owners have adapted to make social a priority across multiple departments.

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Spotlight: How Marketing and Customer Service Teams Should Work Together on Social

June 13, 2016 07:45 AM by Mike Schneider

In this week's Spotlight, Product Marketing Manager Jaclyn Fu discusses how marketing and customer service teams should work together on social.

Read below for a transcript, or watch the video above. 

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How to Deliver Proactive Customer Service for Today's Social Consumers

June 10, 2016 10:14 AM by Tamar Frumkin

iStock_000021196923_Small.jpgRegardless of what you may think, social media did not invent the concept of proactive customer service. In fact, it has existed for quite some time. In essence, proactive customer service is the concept of helping people with their problems far before they reach out to you with queries or complaints. This way, you are seen as being in tune with their needs, rather than just looking to put out fires.

Prior to the advent of social media, companies used proactive customer service in the form of FAQs, forums, informative videos and more. These methods worked wonders. In fact, according to Enkata, preemptive customer service increased retention rates between 3-5%. Furthermore, Incontact reports that 87% of customers don’t mind being contacted by customer service personnel prior to any issues ever coming into fruition.

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Spotlight: Resolution Revolution — Peer to Peer Resolution on Social

June 8, 2016 09:19 AM by Mike Schneider

This week we sat down with Mat Munro, Conversocial's VP of Product, to discuss how companies can extend the reach of their forums and communities by enabling their most dedicated customers to resolve their peers’ issues on social. 

Read below for a transcript, or watch the video above. 

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Don't Get Left Behind: Four Simple Phases towards Adopting Messenger Customer Support

June 6, 2016 09:34 AM by Glenn Pacitti

iStock_87641127_LARGE-1.jpgMessenger is an emerging digital channel for brand-consumer communication that represents the inevitable shift away from the boring traditional support offered by companies today. I don’t think it's necessary to tell you why it’s vital to embrace Messenger within your customer support stack; that’s been covered at length and supported with numerous outlets of research and analysis.

Instead, this is aimed towards the companies who understand the need to get started but just don’t know how to take that first step. Every business is different and face unique obstacles when incorporating a new customer contact channel. The phases below are a recommended starting point that can be customized based on your internal operations, challenges, agent resources, social media solution etc.

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Conversocial Launches SMS Chat to Enable Customer Service Across All Social, Mobile Channels

June 1, 2016 08:00 AM by Jaclyn Fu


Companies can utilize Conversocial’s new SMS integration to deliver human, convenient and in-the-moment service to mobile customers.

The mobile consumer is adopting more social networks and messaging apps than companies can keep up with. Customers have quickly embraced social as a channel of choice for communication, preferring its in-the-moment, human and convenient qualities. Customer expectations have once again increased, and now these qualities are expected to carry over from social to all interactions with the brand.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Social Media Customers

May 31, 2016 10:36 AM by Harry Rollason

Social media customers are dominating the present day marketplace and precipitate the wave of the future. Smart companies have been paying extra mind (and of course, money) to their online and mobile presences, making customers’ experiences increasingly enjoyable, easy, and appealing to the eye. Historically, customer service departments have had a difficult (if not impossible) experience establishing such pleasant associations — and that’s where the need for forward-thinking and effective social media customer service kicks in to help boost your brand.

iStock_000064823183_Large.jpgSocial customers, often on the younger and/or modern-minded end of the consumer spectrum, have different needs, desires, and expectations than customers of a previous day and age. As “800” numbers and automated systems increasingly become nuisances of the past, your company has to understand and anticipate what its customers want, how they currently communicate, and how best to handle interactions.

Read on to get a better grasp on the social media customer so that your company can reassess and redevelop its service and sales efforts accordingly:

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Spotlight: The History of Social Media

May 26, 2016 10:29 AM by Mike Schneider


In the past decade we've seen social media grow, grow up and fundamentally transform how brands and customers engage with one another. In our latest Spotlight, Conversocial CMO Paul Johns and Chris Bolman, Director of Integrated Marketing at Percolate, sat down to discuss the history of social media, the rise of mobile and the power of the social customer.

Read on for the transcript or watch the video below.

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Spotlight: Conversocial Customer Partnerships

May 24, 2016 09:14 AM by Mike Schneider

This week we sat down with George Twizell, Director of Customer Success and Conversocial veteran (he's been with the company for just over five years!) 

Click below for a transcript, or watch the video above. 

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Turn your Google Play Store reviews into a powerful service channel with Conversocial’s latest integration

May 18, 2016 03:00 PM by Jaclyn Fu

iStock_000048972040_Large.jpgConversocial continues to help brands deliver five-star service on the most convenient mobile customer channels at every point in the engagement journey.

Your customers are finding increasingly creative methods to request for help and express frustrations. Customers are no longer where they used to be, and are no longer who they used to be. To stay competitive and relevant, companies must evolve their service strategy to be listening and ready to engage at the most convenient channels for their customers.

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