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[Webcast] Putting social care performance under the microscope

July 20, 2015 09:55 AM by Harry Rollason

Successfully measuring the performance of your social customer service team still presents a number of unique challenges for companies. During this bite-sized 20-minute webcast we will share best practices for analyzing the performance of your agents, understanding where they are excelling and where they are struggling.


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How do you measure a social team?

July 8, 2015 05:12 AM by Chris Venus

Your social customer service agents are the public face of your brand, more so than in any other area of your customer service operation, because much of what they write is not only visible to the customer it is intended for, but to all of your customers. As such it is critical that you are able to properly measure the performance of your social agents, not only to ensure you are able to offer them the appropriate training and support but also to ensure you are able to properly resource your operation with the right number of agents at the right times.


In my role at Conversocial I’ve spent a lot of time talking to people about the many things you can measure your social agents on, below are the metrics that I think the best service organisations should be looking to measure and improve upon.

For many of these metrics you will want to take measurements over a reasonable period of time and develop upper and lower thresholds that you want your agents to fall within.

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Introducing new capabilities to proactively engage on Instagram

July 1, 2015 08:00 AM by Jaclyn Fu

As one of the first social customer service platforms to integrate with Instagram, we’ve seen many of our clients adopt #socialfirst practices for resolving incoming conversations on this fast growing channel. Instagram surpassed Twitter last year with 300 million active users to Twitter’s 284 million, and an impressive 49% of users utilizing it daily against Twitter’s 36%, validating it as an important social network on which brands need to have a presence. Once again, we are excited to introduce new features to help companies set the standard for serving their social customers.

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Introducing the 2015 Social Customer Service Trust Index

June 30, 2015 09:32 AM by Harry Rollason

In the age of the empowered customer, maintaining brand loyalty is getting harder. Therefore ensuring your company is truly trusted is business critical. Good social customer service allows for you to build trust.


But what does good like? And how can your company build trust through your social customer service strategy?

In this report we analyze our findings to determine not only corporate uptake, but what you actually need to do to be trusted over social media in today’s consumer driven world.

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Does your service team deliver limitation-free resolutions?

June 24, 2015 07:46 AM by Luke Duffy

You know that piece of ripped, brown material that slightly resembles a bear - the one which your Mum gets out every time she meets one of your friends? Well once upon a time that was your favourite thing in the world. You'd never leave a room without it, let alone the house. Washing it was a big no-no as the smell comforted you, it made you feel safe. Nobody could ever understand how much you loved your little bear and nobody ever would. It was all you cared about in the first few years of your life. 


So imagine if one day you were lying in your cot and it wasn't there. Without the ability to talk or communicate concisely, how would you ask Mum where it is? You start to panic and furiously start rummaging around your cot. Maybe it'll be on the floor you think, you cry and wait for Mum to find it for you. "I'm sorry little one, baby lamb had to be thrown away. It was just too ripped and tatty to be kept any longer" - you don't need to understand every word - you just know your best friend is gone.

That's exactly what happened with one of our customers a few months back and immediately, the social customer care team's heart strings were understandably tugged. The Mum felt guilty as her baby just couldn't rest - he wanted his baby lamb back no matter what. So the team intervened. We got the details of the comforter - it was a product in our Chad Valley range. Perfect we thought, an own brand product shouldn't be too difficult to get hold of. A simple stock check, maybe a store transfer and we were onto a winner? Nope; discontinued. Groan. We need to sort this.

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Social Media and the Customer Journey: Highlights from CSMNY 2015

June 23, 2015 08:17 AM by Taylre Duarte

Conversocial was proud to once again sponsor last week’s Corporate Social Media Summit (CSMNY), which took place in New York on June 14-15. The event brought together top industry leaders in social media strategy, across customer service, marketing and sales. While there were many different viewpoints expressed, everyone was in agreement on one important fact: the customer, not any particular business operation or department, owns social.

On the first day, Conversocial CEO Joshua March took part in one of the opening keynote panels alongside MTV and The Economist, addressing social media and the customer journey. The idea of a 360 degree view of the customer was a constant theme, and we discussed how different organizations are working to achieve this and the wider omnichannel experience.

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8 Successful Social Customers

June 22, 2015 05:12 AM by Alex Harvey

Social Media Etiquette

Contact centres are busy adapting to the needs of social customer service and change is also happening on the other end of the relationship; customers are adapting their tone and approach when seeking resolution over social media. Or at least, the successful ones are... (links to the actual social media interactions are provided below the graphic):

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Twitter DMs Will Soon Be as Long as You Need

June 12, 2015 08:14 AM by Joshua March

Among the huge news that Twitter CEO Dick Costolo is stepping down, Twitter also made another announcement: that, coming July, there will no longer be any character restrictions on Direct Messages. Although not as interesting for the general business press, this is actually pretty momentous for brands who use Twitter to solve customer service issues. 


Twitter's 140 character limit is often heralded as fundamental to their success. It makes a huge amount of sense to constrain how much people can write in public messages, keeping Tweets snappy and your Twitter feed readable. 

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Customers consistently ignored by brands on Instagram

June 10, 2015 08:36 AM by Anthony Thomas

Last week, Instagram announced plans to open up their advertising platform to all brands, after a successful limited trial provided outstanding results.

With Instagram ad recall rates 2.9x above usual rates for online advertising and engagement rates on promoted photos up to 400% higher than that of organic posts, marketers are likely to adopt Instagram with little hesitation.


As a platform, Instagram overtook Twitter in terms of active users last year, boasting 300 million active users to Twitter’s 284 million, which translates into an impressive 49% of users utilizing it daily against Twitter’s 36%, validating it as an important social network on which brands need to have a presence.

Despite customer service lessons learned on longer established networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, many brands are ignoring customers on Instagram.

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How social is your University?

June 9, 2015 11:49 AM by Bryan Brennan

I can remember when I first started tweeting, a cold November day in Canton, NY while I was sitting in my college dorm contemplating adopting this new social media platform. I was enrolled in an education class and the professor required everyone to communicate and participate in the course work via Twitter. She was onto something there; a trend that would become more popular by the day across the world.


But what are the advantages of having a more social university?  A few highlights include access to campus events, news, and, for the co-eds, the ability to hook up their social profiles to the online dating apps that have become so wildly popular in the last few years.  On the surface, the university campus is an ideal social community that is thriving due to the nature (and age) of the members contributing.

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