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The Best Sales Job In The Universe

We are buidling our sales teams in both London and New York, and we're looking for amazing sales performers, with a history in both SaaS and social software.

When we started Conversocial, we were very early in the market. We were working with some very innovative companies, like Tesco, who were the first to set up real social customer service teams, helping customers directly over Facebook and Twitter. But most companies just viewed social as  a marketing channel. They were ignoring their customers who were asking for help, and damaging their brand as a result. 

We knew that eventually all companies would need to set up social customer service teams - real customer service agents, able to actually help customers, trained in social - and would need software designed especially for them. It's the only way  companies can deal with the rapidly increasing volume of direct customer service issues they are getting on Facebook and Twitter. So we kept banging the drum - doing research, thought leadership, and talking to every company we could to share our vision of the future. 

And slowly, things started to change. We had customers who went from one social media manager, in the marketing department, to ten or twenty customer service agents in their call centre. Companies started coming to us who had already set up social customer service teams, and were looking for software that could help them do their jobs. By the early part of 2012, almost every company we spoke to was either setting up a social customer service team, or knew they had to set one up soon. The market had changed. 

Since the beginning of this year, our monthly revenue has doubled. And we're forecasting it to more than double again by the end of this year. A year ago, our biggest challenge was to persuade customers that they needed to set up social customer service teams. But now our main challenge is how quickly we can hire amazing sales people, who really understand social media, and can get us out in front of as many customers as possible. 

We are buidling our sales teams in both London and New York. We're looking for amazing sales performers, with a history in both SaaS and social software. We are only looking for the best. We work with leading companies, in a leading edge space. We believe social is the future of customer service, better for companies and for their customers. And now we need the smartest, most ambitious sales people to help turn that dream into reality - people who can really understand the challenges faced by our customers, and become experts in social customer service. 

This is an amazing opportunity to join a fast growing start-up at a major inflection point. You will be leading our sales growth from the front line, working with major global corporations in an entirely new market. We're offering not only aggressive commission but share options as well. 

If you think you are good enough, get in touch now -

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