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Meet Nick, Our Social Strategy Consultant

This week we are catching up with Nick, who has gone from being one of our early sales guys to our very first Social Strategy Consultant! Find out about his new role (and how we’re going to be helping our customers progress with Social Customer Service) as well as Nick’s love for Angelina!

In becoming Conversocial’s first Social Strategy Consultant, Nick is leading our new Implementation Team. His role involves setting up new deployments for customers and establishing what each of our customers needs from a social customer service program (as we know that every company is different). Nick will be working with social media teams to create clear objectives, training programs, effective processes, and reporting requirements to ensure that all Conversocial customers are getting the most out of our software.

So let’s get to know a little bit more about the man himself with some hard-hitting questions.

Explain to us your average day in the office.
I've recently started a new role as Social Strategy Consultant, which means spending most of my time helping clients to plan how they can best use Conversocial, as well as providing wider consultation on social media best practice. When start working with a new customer, I set up a meeting with them to talk through their existing goals for social customer service and find out as much as I possibly can about their business and what they need to achieve. I’ll check in with our existing customers to find out if anything has changed across their teams, how their social customer service strategies are evolving, and whether there are any ways in which Conversocial will support that. Whenever I can, I’ll actually be out of the office visiting clients directly - it’s the best way to learn how their operations work and meet everyone involved, and is my favourite bit of the new job!

What did you do before you started working at Conversocial?
After graduating from university I spent time in a few different roles doing data analysis, but quickly moved into the much more exciting social media industry. I've been at Conversocial for a while now as part of the sales team, where I've gradually been building up a pretty detailed understanding of what companies are trying to do, and need to do, with Social Customer Service. After spending a huge amount of time with different companies in this space, trying to understand their needs, the move into implementation seemed like a natural one!

Facebook or Twitter?
If it ever came out how many times I'd looked at my friends' profiles/photos on Facebook I'd be cast out of society.

You’re a huge Arsenal supporter. So, who’s your favorite Tottenham player?
Luka Modrić.

What’s your favorite part of working in social media?
I like the fact that it's continually evolving, and there's always the need to come up with interesting solutions to new problems.

The whole office can constantly hear the music coming out of your headphones. What’s on your Spotify playlist throughout the work day?
Recently, Joni Mitchell albums.

And finally, the ultimate question – Jen or Angelina?
I think Jen and I would start to annoy each other after a while, but could see it working with Angelina.

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Stay tuned for the next Conversocial Face!

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